There are those moments the timing is always wrong, there are those moments you start believing in reincarnation and how you want to remember your past life and not repeat the mistakes or just meet her at the right time, in your next life, because the timing is wrong, when the air between you two just blows perfectly but the timing is wrong. Who knows maybe reincarnation is real and we will find ourselves again at the moment the timing is just perfect, or I might just perfect my time machine and go back to the perfect timing and the perfect moment.



Where do we go when we sleep, is it a short death as some believe, or do our minds travel to other realms or worlds. Is the dream land one of those worlds. Where do we go when dream. I like to believe that when we dream we are just in another reality where we exist as separate beings, so in that case I might be dreaming right now, who knows, as I write this the other me is sound asleep or is just dead for a while and will be resurrected soon. What do u believe.


Can we love with all our heart without expecting Love in returned. Are we already programmed to be selfish in Love by our maker, because after all is our maker not selfish too. Is it wrong to love someone and expecting them to also love. Its only fair to get back what we put out there. We all want to be loved and give love. İ think we deserve to be loved. If u love yourself you will want the best for yourself. Just Love.